Boston Heart


The Boston Heart Lab is fasted blood-work that comprehensively covers the following aspects and more. It plays a key role in deciding dietary and nutritional supplement options. It sets a baseline from which to judge health improvement.


Levels of Inflammation

Metabolic Effectiveness (glucose, Insulin)

Essential Fatty Acids

Kidney / Liver Function

Select Vitamins and Minerals

Guidelines for Assessment:

  1. Fast for at least 8 hours before the blood draw. Water is ok during the fast - ensure you drink plenty!

  2. Discontinue any nutritional supplement containing “biotin” for at least 3 days prior to the blood draw.

  3. Other nutritional supplements and medications may be continued. Your lab results will reflect their effectiveness.

  4. The blood draw is performed only in our Claremont office by KFP Medical Staff. Please check in at our front desk.

Report Examples (sections):

BH Hormones.jpg
BH Metabolic.jpg
BH Inflamation.jpg
BH Lipids.jpg