Obesity is a National Security Issue: Lieutenant General Mark Hertling at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012

The Lifestyle Works Clinic is about enabling people to attain health and fitness through lifestyle approaches. It is said, that 85% of all chronic disease is associated with lifestyle.

The effects, however, of poor lifestyle choices are not always readily sensed until they have extended to some type of ailment which by that time a good amount of damage has occurred.

This video below comes across as dreary bad news. It just doesn't have the same motivating appeal as "join today and get that beach body you have always wanted". For some, positive motivation is not enough. If one looks up some of the theory on "change management", one approach is to "describe the current state and describe the future state". The future state is what one might aspire to or desire. The current state is just that - "a description of the current state". But how can one define the current state well regarding health and fitness when we don't talk about the negative consequences of poor lifestyle choices or we are not informed of the dire consequences of poor lifestyle choices. Change, and so motivation, is only compelling when there is a sufficient gap between the current and desired state.

This video reveals some well quantified problems associated with poor lifestyle.
Lieutenant General Mark Hertling speaking.