Weight Management - Simple Right?

By definition, weight management is simply "energy balance" and ultimately determined by "calories in versus calories out".

It sound super simple, and at the 30,000 foot view it is. Anyone who has tried to manage their weight  and had difficulty or struggled with maintenance knows otherwise.

Our environment, hormones, health status, activity levels, food quality, macro nutrient makeup,
psychological factors, microbiome, and more impact the equation.

This is why at the Lifestyle Works Clinic we say "body composition is a symptom of health and health is a result of lifestyle - these things are inseparable". No consider that approximately 80% of chronic disease is lifestyle related.

The following link provides a great infographic to understand this. Take the opportunity to "explore" the factors that have an effects on energy balance. Simple - right?


So when you come to the Lifestyle Works Clinic to talk about weight loss, and we start discussing "stress", "the microbiome", "circadian rhythm", "metabolic toxicity" (and others), you will see why this is so important - especially to maintaining results. You will also see that we don't toss in "lifestyle" in some cavalier way. We actually have a grasp on the cause and effect nature important to coaching people to their goals.