The Mayonnaise Jar

Below is an excellent video. Lets call it "The Mayonnaise Jar". I hope you will watch it. But before you do - a little context.

While coaching people on nutrition and fitness for some time now, I have found some common things that people find as challenges.

It's not so much the food plan - some may not like spinach, some may not like bok-choy. If the solution was just what foods should I eat and what foods should I avoid, we could post those lists and America would become healthy.

If you ask people what is the most difficult aspect of making healthy food, its "time". Time to shop, time to cook, time to eat.....

This next point is not meant to be cruel, but meant to be to the point. If we say we don't have time, what we are really saying is "it is not a priority"

So that probably struck a cord with some, because we all have so much on our plates these days and so much we feel is important. Some days we feel like failures because we can't fit every thing in. "It's never possible to fit every thing in". It is only possible to fit our priorities in. Saying we don't have time sort of legitamizes not doing something - it puts the blame on the clock. The reality is "it is not a priority". There are other things we chose to do. One could say "but it is a priority, I just have so many priorities and can't fit them all in a day". Don't go there. You see, deciding which things will be done in that day is setting priorities. It is an entirely different feeling when one says, either to themselves or others, it's not a priority - it sticks in your throat. Why? Because by saying it that way we are taking ownership.

One of the best exercises a person can do when deciding on weight-loss (body re-composition), or any other change for that matter, is to realize it requires a change in lifestyle and a change in lifestyle will directly relate to a persons priorities. Ever try to push a string? That's what it is like when one tries for weight loss and finds it conflicts or is not sustainable with the rest of their life (lifestyle and priorities).

Try pulling the string. Think about what you want your life to be like; what you want - what you don't want. Set your priorities. Your lifestyle will have to accommodate these priorities. Now your daily activities will fall in line, like "pulling the string". Setting priorities is difficult, because most of us want more than we can have.

I hope you choose health and fitness as a priority. Try imagining your life with and without it. How will life be different in either case.

Please enjoy the video.....