Minding Your Mitochondria

The attached video is by Dr. Terry Wahls. Although the focus of the video is on her journey of recovering from Multiple Sclerosis, the lessons within lend to all of our health. In particular, you will see what she learned about the mitochondria of the human cell and how taking care of them took care of her.

Ultimately, she arrived at a ketogenic paleo diet including plenty of nutrient dense vegetables of which a large amount where cruciferous (broccoli, cauliflower).

For a little detail on mitochondria before the video, look below.

Our body is made up of systems (i.e. endocrine), which are made up of organs (i.e pancreas), which are made up of tissue which are made up of cells. Now we can talk.....

Mitochondria are one of a number of organelles within a human cell. They are very important in that they are the energy factories for the cell. They can be as many as 1000 to 2000 mitochondria in a human liver cell. They turn the fatty acids, sugars and amino acids into energy. So when you lack energy or don't think well, its the related cells not being able to produce the needed energy. Some research suggests that conditions of depression and attention deficit/hyperactivity are related to poor mitochondrial function.