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During the Initial Assessment Phase:

If you find you need more time to complete your Written Initial Assessment in order for us to receive it at least 1 week before you Individual Plan appointment, you can reach out to us and reschedule that appointment to give you time as described below.

During Implement the plan Phase:

Appointments are held Bi-Weekly. For some, the frequency of these appointments reinforces commitment. You also have your BIA, weight, and girth measures taken to monitor progress. For us at LSW, these appointments are when we review your progress and work with you to make any adjustments needed. It is also the time we provide face-to-face coaching in areas such as nutrition, exercise, sleep stress and more. A key element to your success and the benefit of these appointments is the learning and establishment of habits that facilitate your change in lifestyle.


Normally you will have your next successive appointment determined at the end of your prior visit.

  1. Rescheduling an appointment can always be accomplished by contacting the KFPMed staff: 603-863-7777

  2. You can also reschedule by utilizing the button below to view LSW availability and let us know a time that will work well for you. Contact us and let us know your preference. We will confirm its feasibility.