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In this module we determine which of many nutritional approaches will work best for you.

Key to this is having a blood sample evaluated by Boston Heart Labs to help us understand if you have some level of “insulin resistance”. This is revealed by the HOMA-IR in the Metabolic Test. Increased levels of insulin resistance affect a persons level of “carbohydrate tolerance”. Insulin is the hormone that controls our metabolic flexibility, meaning our ability to switch between primarily glucose to primarily fatty acids. This includes utilization of fatty acids stored in our adipose tissue.

We also have you document your dietary intake for three days to gain an understanding of your current habits and approaches and compare that to your lab tests, medical conditions and goals to arrive at an optimal approach.


Some nutritional approaches are more inflammatory than others. Those with inflammation, immune issues, gut heath issues will do better with certain nutritional approaches.

Both the Metabolic Detox and the Gut Health use specific dietary approaches to facilitate the desired outcomes. All of our approaches are based on natural whole foods.

Our approach is not one of “diet”. It is one of identifying what nutrition will work for your body. We don’t seek to eliminate foods you enjoy. We will recommend nutrition that will work for you. You might find a gap between those two that you will have to learn to reconcile. This is a serious aspect to consider as we don’t recommend change that does not have direct bearing on health. Education, coaching and a thoughtful approach to habit change make this process easy for our clients. View some of our testimonials here to get a sense for this.

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We talk about macronutients such as protein, fats and carbohydrates. We also talk about micronutrients such as magnesium, B vitamins and iron.

Weight loss is predominantly considered a “calories in - calories out” principle. Although it is a factor, it is not the only factor. Hormones play an equally important role. The brief point on insulin noted above is an example.

Regarding a healthy “body composition”, it is our belief that achieving it is a function of 80% nutrition, 10% exercise and 10% sleep. When we get nutrition “right” body composition follows. Exercise should be thought of for health and not burning calories. Exercise to burn calories is a flawed proposition and an attempt at compensating for the wrong nutrition.

Nutrition can not be a stand alone component. It works with the other dimensions/modules. A good substantiation of this in the market is the branding change done by one of the largest weight loss programs. This program was well known for weight loss and is now branded as “wellness that works”. Recall that our philosophy is “body composition is a symptom of your health, and health is a result of your lifestyle”.

You will learn all of the above and much more during your participation.