Metabolic Detox

Toxins, both chemical and mineral (heavy metals) inhibit cellular function and their production of energy. When you feel tired, its your cells not able to produce enough energy for themselves and function to support the organs/systems they are part of. They can also affect your cell DNA and the ability of your genes to express. That means the programs that tell the cell what to do can become damaged - think cancer.

cell organ system.jpg

What happens in your cells are biochemical processes to produce the proteins, enzymes and energy the cell needs to support the system it is part of. Toxins interfere with those processes. Take for example the case where an individual consumes excessive amounts of Acetaminophen (for example Tylenol) and has to be taken to the emergency ward. Excessive amounts of this substance over tax the liver’s ability to detoxify and result in liver damage. Specifically, the liver cells become overworked with their internal engines (mitochondria) producing more exhaust (free radicals) than the cell can clear. Imagine running your car in the garage with the door closed and you trying to breath.


The illustration below is representative of what happens in the mitochondria to produce the energy your cells (and you) need.

If you are trying to loose weight, there are two parts. One is to release the fatty acids from your fat cells, and the other is to burn those fatty acids for fuel. The cell must be functioning well to burn those fatty acids….

The illustration below represents the internal process of the “mighty” mitochondria to make cellular energy (ATP). When you are tired, its because there is not enough ATP available.

kreb cycle.jpg

The next image below is again the “mighty” mitochondria, but just the kreb cycle portion. The kreb cycle (citric acid cycle) is a biochemical machine that for each revolution, it produces energy molecules (or material for the next stage to make energy molecules). You can see the vitamins and minerals required in the green circles. Note the red circles. They represent “heavy metals” that inhibit the mitochondria’s process to make energy and in the case of the citric acid cycle, it slows the process of making ATP energy. That means less energy for you. Imagine the cells are synapse cells in the brain. Can you say “brain fog” or “loss of concentration”


The effects of the toxicity you experience depend on the system the cells are part of. Think of your digestive tracts ability to absorb nutrients, the ability of the synapse cells in the brain to fire.

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Liver detox process occurs in three phases. Phase 1 to release the toxins, Phase 2 for the toxins to be formed to water soluble substances and Phase 3 to excrete them from the body. A well formulated detox process is essential, otherwise toxins may be released to only be reabsorbed into other fatty tissue - remember, the brain is 60% fat.

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