Movement - Exercise

The Lifestyle Works Clinic encourages physical activity that has bearing on your health.

Physical activity accomplishes the following:

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  • modulates your hormones - for example anaerobic exercise (weight training) increases growth hormone which facilitates release of body fat from adipose tissue. It also reduces cortisol levels.

  • maintains muscle mass - muscle is a primary storage location of glucose. It is key in metabolic flexibility. And of course it is key to an active lifestyle.

  • maintains mobility and stability.

  • maintains cardiovascular function

  • maintains optimal metabolism

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You may have previously noted in the Nutrition Module that we subscribe to a healthy body composition being a function of 80% nutrition, 10% exercise and 10% sleep. Some people are astonished that exercise does not have a higher percentage.

We distinguish exercise for performance versus exercise for health. The two are very different.


Any prescription for exercise that we make is grounded in “specific” health benefits based on how we biologically and genetically function.

You will learn eye opening material on what to do and why. Habit development then plays a significant role. It is one thing to know why exercise is important, want to do it and still do nothing.