Meal Planning App


This is a very nice application. Remember in the old days where you might have had a box full of 3x5 cards with recipes? So what do you do now in the digital age where there are so many recipes online? Print them all out? Randomly bookmark them ... then take lots of time to search for where you book marked them?

There are several meal planning apps out there, all with slightly different features. PLAN to EAT is a database that you can literally copy the website address of the recipe into the app, and the whole recipe is stored and formatted ready for you to call up next time. General functionality is:

  • Stores your recipes - organizes them by meal type and is searchable.
  • Displays the recipe when you are ready to make it - ingredients, instructions.
  • Allows you to drag and drop to a calendar for meal planning
  • Provides a shopping list based on your meal calendar. 
You can sign up for a trial subscription. It is then $4.95 per month (9-6-2017)
Go to their site here:  PLANtoEAT

Stored recipes.

Recipe ingredients and directions.

Create a weekly meal plan (doesn't have to be every day, every meal).

Create a shopping list.