How to Succeed - Is it motivation?

So what is it that enables us to be successful in lifestyle change or to accomplish weight loss?

Lets break it down to two things: 1) getting the ball rolling and 2) keeping the ball rolling.

Perhaps what got the ball rolling for you was something of "significance". A current situation you might not have wanted to remain in; a future state you wanted to avoid; a future state that was more attractive than your current state. How big the "gap" is in comparing these things results in the "magnitude of motivation". This is what gets the ball rolling.

So what keeps the ball rolling? Keeping this motivation foremost in your thoughts? Is that enough for everyone? Let me ask you, are you motivated to your goals every day you wake up? I bet not .... And here in lies the issue. No one is ever always motivated - not even Pro's in any occupation.

So how do we overcome these times of low motivation that can result in our not carrying out our plans to reach our goals?

Sometimes "Action" comes before "Motivation"

. Take for example a lazy day - your just not feeling energetic or motivated. So you go for a walk - nice sunshine, fresh air - then you feel your head clearing and then, wow.... you feel energized!

So what changed? You acted first!

Sometimes motivation is there, and sometimes it isn't. Once you are motivated enough to "start" your journey, the following can help to keep you going - you know... when motivation might not be there.

But first an analogy. Imagine a path through a jungle, an elephant and a rider. The path is our environment. It can direct the elephant. Of course elephants are pretty strong and can go off path sometimes. The elephant is our behavior. It is strong and often likes to go its own way influenced by many things. The rider is what tries to keep the elephant on the path. The rider is our motivation. But the rider can get tired some times and ... well ... you can imagine what can happen from here.

We can help avoid the elephant going off trail. We can even define the trail. A way of doing that is with the

"3Ss": structure, systems, and scheduling.

Think of structure as shaping your environment. This could be doing a kitchen make-over so that the only foods in the house are those that help your goals. It could be having exercise equipment at your house. * Shape the Path*

Systems are processes and practices we use to make things happen. Bringing gym clothes in your car so that when you finish work you can head straight to the gym is an example or preparing foods to bring with you to ensure you don't stray off the path.

Scheduling - if your boss asks for a meeting, you put that on a schedule so you will remember to show up. You also schedule other things around that. So book your fitness and nutrition just like any other appointment.

3Ss - Structure - Systems - Scheduling

These may help keep your ball rolling ... try it!