The Kitchen - Reduce the Frustration

Meal preparation can be daunting with a busy lifestyle. Changing where things are stored and what areas are utilized to work from along with their proximity to the supplies can play a part of making things "flow" better.

Here is one thing that always seemed to be a frustration. Can you say "a mixed bag of Tupperware"?
You know, where you spend 10 minutes looking for the right lid because there are three different kinds. Because there are three different kinds they don't stack well, take up more space than is needed, or how about this .... they fall out of the cupboard when you open it making your heart race and your adrenaline rise.

So here is an example of making the change, reducing the frustration and making the food preparation just a little less daunting.

Note the is one outlier in the fridge that is just waiting to do to the trash ;-)