Give your new habit a chance....

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A “habit” is a “routine” that has become natural…. you don’t have to work at it.

So lets say you want to start a new habit - where do you begin?

You have to start with a plan!

Lets say you would like to “add stretching in the morning” before you leave for work. This will use up time. So does this mean you will be late for work or you will get less sleep or not have breakfast? This is where taking your calander and daily schedule to “re-align” your other habits and plans with this new habit are key.

There are two approaches to making a “timeline”: 1) planning out to the end and 2) starting at the end and planning back.

In this case, probably leaving for work is a fixed milestone, so we will start at leaving for work and plan backwards. You can do this with a timeline like below or draw out a clock face.

1) Identify your tasks

2) Identify the time for each task

3) Lock in you end milestone (leave for work)

4) add in your tasks, backing up from your milestone.

Note: you may find that you have to adjust times on the front end such as when you go to bed in order to ensure you get the desired 8 hours of sleep. Maybe you have to have dinner a little earlier.

In this case, there is 3 hrs of “slack time” (extra) not being used.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 12.04.12 PM.png

Making a habit “feasible” is the first step. Then “keeping the path clear” and “automating” it are next.

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